Cheek Implants

Cheek Implants (Malarplasty) / Cheek Augmentation

Cheek implants are either done as a separate procedure via an incision in the mouth or placed via a facelift incision. The cheek augmentation uses custom shaped malar prostheses, which are customized according to the exact aesthetic appearance that the patient desires. If done as a procedure on its own the cheek implant procedure can be done under local anaesthesia and the patient returns home the same day.

This procedure highlights the prominence of the cheekbones and it can aid in attaining a more youthful look to the ageing face.

Fat fills are beginning to replace implants in suitable candidates.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saul Braun operates from the Netcare Rosebank Hospital, situated in the up-market Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg.

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