Chin Augmentation

Chin Implant Surgery / Mentoplasty

Reference has been made to the chin in evaluation of facial contour, particularly with reference to nasal surgery. Study of the profile in ordinary photographs will at times show protrusion (forward position) or retrusion (backward position) which is not readily apparent to direct observation. The retruded position (underdevelopment) is a fairly frequent condition associated with some types of nasal deformity.

Correction of moderate chin displacements (underdevelopment) can be performed by use of implants. These can be shaped to the required contour and can be positioned through a small incision just inside the lower lip or under the chin surface. The operation is generally satisfactory and will improve overall results in selected cases when performed along with the nasal correction.

Similar implants may be utilized in association with facelift surgery where there is some underdevelopment or where shrinkage of soft tissue volume has taken place. Fullness of contour in this area alone renders a more youthful appearance in much the same manner as can nasal correction in association with facelift surgery.

Protrusion (forward displacement) of the chin, over development, is another condition that may be considered for correction. Protrusion quite often occurs in association with dental malocclusion which must be studied in planning treatment. Chin surgical correction may involve reduction of bone prominence alone or repositioning of the entire lower jaw when dental realignment is necessary. These conditions are not at all infrequent and appropriate treatment will provide some of the most gratifying results that can be achieved. Corrective dental surgery must be included in consideration of overall aesthetic goals.

This is done via an incision beneath the chin in preference to an oral incision, which has an increased incidence of infection. A pre-formed implant depending on the exact deformity to be corrected is placed beneath the periosteum directly onto the mandible and the area is closed with an absorbable suture.

You will be in hospital for one day and recovery will take approximately five days.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Saul Braun operates from the Netcare Rosebank Hospital, situated in the up-market Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg.

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