I refer to the recent breast reduction surgery undergone by my wife, Ilse. I would like, in that respect, to express my deepest gratitude to you and your team for the absolutely wonderful job done, a reflection of you high professionalism, large experience and world class skill. Ilse is extremely happy with her new look, and forever thankful for your help, kindness and care that go beyond a simple routine post-surgery treatment. You can count on our deep respect for your professional work and personal qualities Sincerely yours,


Just a quick note to say thank you. You did a breast reduction for me in 2001. I was young and having babies and breastfeeding were not at the forefront of my mind. Everyone, including the doctors and lactation specialists, told me there was very little chance that I would be able to breastfeed. Except for VW, whose antenatal classes I attended – she knew you and your work and she said that she would almost guarantee it. She was right. Although I haven't been able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter I do have a substantial amount of milk and I have now been breastfeeding for five and a half months. You have given me a great gift. Thank you.


Thank you for looking after me, you have changed my life, and am grateful every day. Your kindness has made me see things very differently. Enjoy the Greek biscuits! Love


Hi Melanie Hope you are well. With reference to the breast augmentation reduction and lift done on the 20th of October 2011, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Braun for changing my life. I was a bit skeptical at first as I wasn't referred to Dr. Braun but just got the information off the internet. My husband is of course thrilled and has noticed a huge change in me. I have my confidence back at 48 and very determined to get back on that treadmill and lose a few kg's. My breasts look so natural and soft – they are still sensitive which is the norm, but I am taking one day at a time and looking forward to the final results in 6 months to a year... As for the stay over at the Rosebank clinic – a pity I couldn't stay longer. Please thank the day and night staff for taking such good care of me. The food was 5 star….as well. My anesthetist, a very funny guy, made me feel very relaxed and reassured me that everything would be fine, before I knew it I was back in my BIG PRIVATE WARD…..and starving – a big thank to him too. Dr. Braun, words cannot express my gratitude for everything…….it was worth the drive from Pretoria to Rosebank….as for the costs…..well if you want to feel and look goods then I suppose money isn't an option provided of course you have the best plastic surgeon at your side. Melanie and Team, you guys "rock"…very professional and caring staff – my sincere thanks to you. Kind Regards


Dr Braun and the team, I hereby would like to send a " BIG THANK YOU NOTE" to Dr. Braun for changing my life forever. From the first minute of consultation with Dr. Braun, I knew I was in good hands and therefore did not panic about the procedure at all. Your caring nature has made it easy for me to trust with my life and believe you will do your best to change my life for the better (in fact: YOU OUTDONE YOURSELF)!!! I am back at work after 3 weeks of absence, and my friends and colleagues are excited with my transformation(they say I look and feel younger than before). To Amanda, thank you for taking care of my scars beyond the operation and showing me exactly how to do it. I have now started the scar management and cannot believe how painless and effortless the procedure has been. To Melanie, thank you for your professionalism in dealing with my booking, quote, payment and bookings for my follow- up appointments! To Sister Olga and the team at Rosebank Clinic(THANK YOU a million times), I wish I could stay longer just that I can be taken care by you. Once again, Dr. Braun may the good Lord bless your hands as they continue to change people's lives and I am looking forward to seeing again in June on my next appointment. Regards,


Hey Melanie, How are you and that wonderful team of yours, especially The Magician, Dr. Braun, and Mel, the sister who wonderfully cared for my wounds! Well, I must admit Dr. Braun just turned my life 'not upside down but right side up!' I have regained my self-confidence, have more energy and my clothes fit so well, and I amazingly dropped down two sizes and feel great..only now have I been able to run on the beach every day to keep fit. Initially, my husband was not optimistic about these procedures but has transformed since my new body (I wonder why?), he's even flying into Jhb to pick up my Dermastine creams to help the healing of my scars. Many thanks and my love to all...


Trust all is well with you. Sorry it has taken me so long to send this message. This is just to let you know that I arrived safely, and also to thank you all for your professionalism and friendly reception. I particularly want to thank Dr Braun for a job very well done. Thank you and kind regards.


Hi Melanie Greetings from a very hot Nairobi! I flew back safely and have now settled back into my personal and office work routine. I am healing superbly, the scabs are now peeling off and the use of the cream really helps. I wanted to thank you for your hospitality; your warm reassurance, and that of the entire team made my experience a lot less stressful. Please pass my regards to Dr. Braun, the nurse for her kindness and entire team. I will send periodic updates, ahead of my scheduled visit in early April (I will book a specific appointment closer to my travel dates). Best regards,