I have recently returned to the UK following a procedure and I would just like to send my thanks for everything to Dr Braun. Thank you so much firstly for making me feel so comfortable and well looked after and for my new breasts. Your skill has given me the one thing I have always wanted but I thought I could never have. My new breasts are starting to look great, I could never have imagined how they would look after such a procedure, but just 2 weeks after the surgery and the swelling has gone down a lot, and my scars are starting to heal. I can see in a few months how wonderful they will be and look. Thank you also to the reception staff at the clinic and the lady that took care of me at your rooms (sorry I can’t remember her name). She was so wonderful and put my mind at ease during the first week of unnecessary worry. Kind regards


I would like to thank you for a number of things. Firstly for putting me at ease with your lovely disposition and genuine interest. For going to the trouble of getting the pathology report sorted out where I had failed. For doing a brilliant job on my lips and lastly, for accommodating me when I requested that my financial needs be considered, you did so readily. Thank You!!! The call to find out how I was doing fro mthe nurse too made a difference as follow up consideration and service is rare if non existant. Thank you once again


A HUGE thank you!!! I LOVE... That you are passionate about what you do The artistry and professionalism with which you do it That you really listened to me That you said no when you believed it wasn't right The natural, beautiful result, most of all!!!


Words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for doing this to me. Thank you so so so much! Hugs and kisses


Thanks for the new body, it really is starting to look good.I have taken the last of the course of pills this morning. My cut is looking good and the redness is almost gone. I know I still have a long way to go, but trust me this has given me a new start. Hope on the 7th October when I see you, you will see the big change in my body. Thanks again for everything. Kind regards


Thank you so very much for everything! I can't describe how much it means to me, and how much I appreciate it. Thanks again


Just a little note to say I got back to the UK intact! Thank you once again for everything. Dr Braun you have a wonderful team both at your office and at the hospital (theatre and surgical ward). This suggests that your leadership skills are as great as your "nip and tuck" skills! I will you posted on my progress!


I am back in Dubai feeling absolutely wonderful, beautiful and happy with my new boobs!!! A BIG thank you for your amazingly warm touch, professionalism and care. So many people gave wonderful reports of their experiences with you and your wonderful team, but I was amazed with how great it really was. Thank you for your soft touch in sending a beautiful flower bouquret to the ward. I really appreciated it. To Wendy, Angie and the sister - never loose your gentle, caring, friendly and professional approach you have with your patients. Never have I experienced doctor's rooms phoning to check on my well being! Take care and God bless