J. C.

I would like to sincerely thank you for the very professional and compassionate manner in which you have dealt with me as a patient, and also the way in which the surgery was performed. It is early days, but the result is absolutely beautiful. I had the dressings removed on Friday and my GP could not believe his eyes! He was extremely complimentary of your work! Thank you for the flowers - it really was a nice touch. To all your staff who had to put up with all my questions and concerns - a huge thank you! It is only people such as yourself and your staff who can help one overcome inner fears and concerns and take a leap into the unknown! Kind regards,

J. S.

Just a note to let you know that one year on, I'm absolutely delighted with all that you and your staff have done for me. I still get fantastic compliments, and to complement your work, I've had laser surgery in March, so bye bye to the specks as well My confidence is up, and life is great - many thanks. Kindest regards,

S. B.

I wish to convey to Dr. Braun my gratitude for the wonderful work he did to "freshen up" my face. The whole experience, from my first email to you to the taking out of the stitches, was both professional and personable. Dr. Braun has never failed to deliver and I hope he is around in eight years or so when I will need him again. As regards the provisional appointment I made on the 19th August, please cancel as I will not be able to make it. I went to see Dr. Ash for the last stitches to be taken out and he assured me all looked very good. I will send Dr. Braun an "after" photo to partner the "before" one he took. All the best, Kind regards,


It's impossible to thank you enough - the best "artist," "sculptor" and surgeon - I simply love my eyes and never expected such incredible results. Thank you, Saul. I felt so relaxed and confident under your care - and of course, always assured!! You are so wonderfully generous. Thank you for everything. Lots of love,

P. T.

It was great to see you and I just can't tell you how much I appreciate your work, as my self-confidence has improved immensely. I still can't believe how many years have been taken away when I look in the mirror (although I don't look at myself every 5 mins). I would love to see you again in October and will contact Sandie nearer the time. Thanks again,

C. E.

Thank you for your little note. It was good to see you too, and reminded me of the wonderful two weeks I spent in your country. The care I received in hospital was excellent as was my stay with Nigel and Marilyn. I would not hesitate to recommend you and them to anyone thinking about surgery. Hopefully, I will be seeing you again in February. Best wishes,

L. L.

Thank you so much for your caring and understanding. Thank you for your generosity and patience. Above all, thank you for being the best doctor and surgeon! Thank you for making me so happy! With all my gratitude,

S. Q.

It is now four weeks since my operation. The bruises have completely faded and I am thrilled with the results. I plan to start playing tennis next week; a big thank you to you and your medical team. Thank you again and missing your lovely weather. Very best wishes,