RS and I would like to thank you for your welcoming attitude to the big city and for making our surgery so easy and fearless. Thank you for fitting me in to your busy schedule and providing me with bagless eyes at such late notice. One of the quickest decisions yet made and I am sure one that I wont regret. Thank you also for the flowers – a great caring touch. See you on Friday. Sincerely,


Thank you so so much for changing my life! I will never be able to explain to you how much having this surgery has meant to me. Thank you for your amazing encouragement ad kind gentle ways on the day. You made me feel completely calm and relaxed! I really appreciate all that you have done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All my love


Liewe Dr Braun, Ek het nie woorde om my dankbaarheid te beskryf nie. Hoe sê mens dankie vir iemand wat jou lewe en vrou wees gered het. Baie dankie en weet dat julle vir altyd in my gebede en dedagtes sal wees. Dankie!

Love from JP xxx

Melanie, "the lovely nurse" and everyone else involved, Thank you so so so much for all you did for me last week. I am thrilled with my new assets, and cannot beleive what an amazing job you all do. Hospital is usually a dread for me and I have to say that you all and everyone at the Rosebank clinic made it so bearable. Have a very very Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2015,


Dear Dr Braun and Mandy Well, it’s just over three months since I had my surgery and I sincerely wish to thank you, Dr Braun, for giving me back my confidence and happiness. It was the most professional and least stressful event of my life and I can only think back on the days of anxiety before the procedure and tell others : Don’t worry – you are in good, steady hands. Thank you again to Mandy for looking after me and reassuring me. Best regards


A big THANK YOU! Loving my new look! You definitely create MASTERPIECES!


My name is Andre MADERN. I hope you remember me. I was born on 27 April 1984 with a cleft palate and hairlip. My mother is Annette MADERN and my father is Wim MADERN. I was a patient of Dr. Andre STRAUSS, who also delivered me, (born on his 51st birthday, and who I am named after) in Kempton Park, who referred me to you. You performed all my surgery in so far as fixing my cleft palate and hairlip and all other subsequent plastic surgeries I had afterwards. I was only a little child at the time and did not comprehend the severity of the operations and depth of the predicament I was in. I understand more fully now what was going on with me and in South-Africa when I was born and while I was growing up. I have grown up and I am now 31 years old, living in Australia with a beautiful wife, and working as a police officer in Sydney with the New South Wales Police Force. This message is simply for me to express my undying gratitude for what you have done for me while I was a little fella. I have seen other people with cleft palate and hairlip scars before, and let me tell you, none are as good as mine. I attribute this to your skill, ability, and expertise while I was under your care. I could not have asked for a better, more professional doctor to handle my surgeries than you. Believe it or not, we were talking about you and Dr.STRAUSS just a few days ago. It has made us curious and my mum has found your videos on Youtube about the types of cosmetic surgery you offer at Rosebank. You and Dr. STRAUSS will forever be a part of me, for everything you two have done for me personally, and for my family, especially my mum. Once again, I would like to say thank you; thanks for fixing me.

L. B.

Sorry for only making contact now, but we have been very occupied on our holiday thus far. I just wanted to let you know that we removed Mia's bandage on Saturday, and we are all very pleased with the result. Mia has been a real trooper, not complaining of pain or discomfort even once! There isn't much swelling to deal with, either. Thank you for her gift. She started with the mosaic craft in hospital and finished it the same day. Thank you for doing such a good job and being so professional, and at the same time so approachable. We wish you all the success for the future!