B. L

It has been a month since I came in for my breast augmentation procedure with Dr Braun and I realised how tardy I had been with regards to sending my thank you's! First of all, I can't thank you enough for your patience and efficiency in terms of booking me appointments at the last minute due to living in Zimbabwe and late travel arrangements. You always made a plan to ensure I could see Dr Braun when it suited me best and you were endlessly patient with the tirade of questions 🙂 As for the actual procedure and care we received in Rosebank hospital, it was second to none! Rosebank Hospital have a lot to be proud of. There is not one area I can fault right from the admission, the nursing care, the meal lady to the discharge. All of it was seamless and we felt like we were in safe hands. This is a huge positive to have in your pocket with regards to the complete package that your team offers. Especially when you are coming from abroad and don't quite know what to expect. And now, to Dr Braun. A massive thank you for making me feel so at ease with the entire process. What a wonderful, warm person and a true gentleman. Unfortunately, I was one of the unlucky few and I had a hematoma on my right breast but Dr Braun sorted it out the very next day with no issue at all. He is truly incredible at what he does and I am totally blown away by the final results. You cannot put a price on the confidence that I have gained since the procedure and of course the positive roll out effect that that has had on other areas of my life! Thank you once again for an incredible, life changing experience. And for making it all so simple. I wish you all the best in the future and I am sure you will continue changing peoples lives for the better.

L & B

There are no words to thank you all for how caring and supportive you have all been. Through all this you have become my "pillars of strength". Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Lots and lots of love


I couldn't leave without thanking you for doing such a fantastic job - again!! S and myself are of the same mind that you really have enriched our lives! A big thanks to Gina for her very professional hardship of all the arrangements - and to Sacha for being to gentle and caring. You are certainly blessed with your staff. Good Luck with your surgery on the 14th May - Will be thinking of you.


I couldn't have been luckier with my surgeon than having you. Recovery has been an unexpected breeze, and i'm already loving my new nose, swelling and bruising regardless. Not to mention the absolutely beautiful flowers.


My life has changed for the better - worth every cent i had saved for! I should have done this a very long time ago!


Thank you for the gift of your precious time and medical expertness on one of your very busy days. I trust that you will accept a small token of my respect and gratitude to you.


Thank you so much for my beautiful plant! you are simply the BEST doc ever!!! There are many Doctors but you must be the most caring, special and brilliant at what you do! Thank you for your generosity in helping me do extra in my op for me - i cant tell you how much i appreciate it! You simply THE BEST!!! This is just two very small tokens to say a BIG thank you!


Thank you so much for your amazing work you are doing.