Just want to say thank you for everything & for looking after me so well... & just want to say thank you for making my boobs 100% Great!! And Thanks Again! You are a great doctor & just a little gift to say thank you & for everything you have done! I am on a fast recovery & very happy with them! Love


Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of the me, I got to see by new boobs today and they look great, I love the size and everything seems to be in place. The nursing staff at the hospital were very caring and helpful. All of you put me at ease besides the nausea and the itching I feel great! Not in too much pain. You won't believe how light I feel already. Unfortunately, I was still sleepy this morning and couldn't give you feedback. p.s: the flowers made me feel extra special. you are truly a loving person and an asset at Rosebank Clinic See you next week :)! Regards,

'VS' (mother of your patient 'ES')

It is now one year since you performed neck liposuction and buccal fat pad removal on your patient 'E.S' who was 19 at the time. She is now 20. She had a very bad case of both problems before consulting you and undergoing surgery for neck liposuction in your rooms and buccal fat pad removal one year later under general aneasthetic. As you can see by the attached pics, she is today a very beautiful girl whose wellbeing in every area of her life has been transformed through your surgical art and aesthetic sensitivity. From a girl who was considered not only by herself, but also by her peers, as 'weird-looking', if not positively ugly, she has emerged, thanks to your surgical intervention, as a stunningly gorgeous human being and for that I can never thank you enough. I have attached pics of her six months post-surgery. Should you wish to show these to prospective patients whose mothers may have resistance to and reservations about the safety and/or efficacy of this teenage surgery, please feel free to show them these post-surgery pics of 'E'. Recovery time was very short and relatively painless ('E' took the painkillers you prescribed for only two days post-surgery), and results began to emerge after 3 weeks once the swelling went down. Contrary to a mother's fears, there was no interference with the facial nerve – just a subtle though dramatically beautiful result. Why wait? My experience with my daughter 'E' is that chipmunk cheeks won't really resolve themselves of their own accord given time. Without surgical intervention, all they will do with time is descend into thinner and even more ageing bulldog jowls, eventually requiring a lower facelift in one's thirties or forties for those who have decided to wait that long in the hope that this situation will resolve itself on its own. It won't. Why wait the whole of one's beautiful youth waiting for this to happen naturally when the natural result of waiting so long for nature to do its thing is so sure to be so disappointing when one is approaching middle age? No reason for a teenager with this problem to wait for middle age to do this surgery. Do it now so that your child can live the life of a beautiful person, as my young adult child is doing right now, and will continue to do, thanks to you Dr Braun. Very special thanks


I wish you a blessed and successful 2011 and trust you had a lovely festive season. Thank you so much for everything. The procedure was hugely successful and I am healing very fast and enjoying my new self. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the results. So, rather than telling you, I am attaching a picture of myself that says it all. Warm regards


Please receive my sincere appreciation for the very special way in which you accompanied me through the past six months. I am truly blessed to have experienced not only the outstanding level of your professionalism and expertise, but also the kindness and understanding which have become the trademark of you and your staff. Thanks Again


Three weeks since my op and now that I feel less like a patient, I can appreciate your work. My breasts are looking fantastic! 🙂 I've compared with friends who've had theirs done and they don't come close. haha - true though. The nipples are still a bit shy, but I really like how they're looking anyway. All the ladies I've asked had to wear uncomfortable bra's, sleep on their backs and it just seems so much more effort than what I've had. Can't deny, the first 4/5 days were painful, but thereafter, it's been almost easy. Thank you! Also, you couldn't have chosen a more perfect size for my frame. I love the shape, size, everything. Really no complaints. Scars also healing nicely, no keloid...which I almost expected. Then, to Amanda who originally helped me with quotes and the initial appointment. To Melanie, who's helped after via email, you've both been professional, warm, and just made everything seem effortless. I'm sorry I didn't get the nurse's name. But to you, thank you for your friendliness, effort to answer all my questions and enduring my 'gasps of pain' as you painlessly changed my dressing and snipped the sutures. See you soon for my final check up!


I just wanted to THANK YOU very much for your help! I have no regrets in having my operation and it has honestly changed my life for the better in so many ways . Thank you for helping me make the right decision and for all your kindness and advice. I really appreciate it. I hope the rest of 2010 brings you lots of happiness. Take care of yourself and I hope you are able to have some time off soon! Warm Regards,


It is 4 weeks since the procedure and I am delighted with the outcome. Comments from family and staff include: you are looking so well, looking very relaxed, even “your holiday did you good-looking years younger”. For me it has been in keeping with my philosophy of sound spirit, sound mind, sound body; not just a vanity thing but has improved my self confidence greatly. So thank you Dr Braun for your wonderful work and may God bless you and your work as you enhance peoples quality of life. Thanks also to Amanda and your staff for their caring professionalism. Best regards,