I would like to thank Dr Braun for removing my baby girl LA tags, I am so grateful and thankful, words cannot express how I feel. My little one looks so cute and I will always remember 20/09/07. Dr Braun also just know when she is all grown up she will know about you her plastic surgeon. All my thanks goes out to the great staff at DR Braun offices. Thank you and thank you all for being so kind and jelpful and pleasant. May God bless you richly

Love L

Dear Saul and Wendy With sincere gratitude for your kindness. Just want to say a very very big thank you for all your kindness and care during my op. I cant tell you how thrilled I am. Thanks again


Just wanted to keep in touch, I hoped to see you in London during summer but unfortunately it was too close to our wedding day. It was fantastic and thanks to you I felt wondeful. I have attached a picture of us signing the register. Hope all is well with you and your family. Fond regards


I am so thrilled, I cannot thank you enough! I had no idea how much better this would make me feel.What is so amazing is that after only ten days the bruises are tiny and hardly noticable. As for my breasts, the scars are so neat and look as though they will heal really well. Im so grateful to you and your team for you expertise and all the support I recived, I will send some photographs when I have recovered further. I hope you and Wendy are well, you have both been wonderful!


Angie I am writing to let Saul Braun know that everything is running smoothly post operation and I am so pleased with the results. He has given me a lot of confidence back and am not scared about wearing a bkini this summer! Thanks to you for organising everything and to Saul for working his magic and to all his team. I have had a truely memorable time in South Africa and will return for a holiday sometime soon. Kindest regards


Good day Dr Braun This mail serves to say thank you for my new look. I do appreciate everything you have done for me. My new look has enhanced my confidence, and for this I am very grateful! Your professional approach and calm manner clearly sets you apart. I do appreciate the manner which you treated me in. Having experienced your work, I have reccommended rwo ladies to you, and they have already booked appointments to see you. Once again I would like to express my gratitude. Kind regards


I just want to say thank you to you and Dr Braun from the bottom of my heart for all the time you have spent on me. I truely appreciate it! Kind regards


This is a letter to all patients of Dr. Saul Braun, Eighteen years ago, I had a "nose job" at the hands of the miracle worker, Dr. Braun. No one could believe that I had no bruising, swelling or the traditional black eyes. Everyone said I must be a fast healer, and whilst that might have indeed contributed towards my quick recovery, I maintained that it was the gentle touch of Dr. Braun that was the major factor. All these years later, I have been proven right. Yesterday, I had an eye lift, once again with Saul Braun, and once again, no bruising, swelling or black eyes. This time however, there was no general anaesthetic, it was done under local in the rooms. I am absolutely terrified of needles, hate them, almost cancelled as Dr. Braun approached with what seemed to me, a "dangerous weapon" - a needle. Ladies and gentlemen, I felt nothing but the gentlest of touches! I am not given to exaggeration or drama, so believe me when I tell you, the needle felt like the tiniest of tiniest mosquito bites. I arrived home exactly 30 minutes later to be greeted by friends and family who all thought I'd be black and blue and in need of love and support - PLEASE! - out came the champagne, the snacks and the party was on!!!!! I did not and still have not had to have one single pain killer. I look perfectly normal - in fact you'd say, gee that woman is wearing really bad eye make-up, too dark for her skin tone! I realise I am repeating myself, but I have no swelling bleeding, pain, bruising or discomfort of any sort. I was booked off work for a week for bed rest and "healing time" - well that's just a bonus, cos I am off to lunch with friends and a movie tonight! So to all of you who have trepidation when it comes to surgery, fear not. I can't speak for any other surgeons, then again for me, there is no other surgeon. Dr. Saul Braun is THE MAN! Saul, I love you to bits. Thank you so very much - I feel great. To your staff - big hugs and kisses. You are a fantastic team and I couldn't have wished for better results. Take care,